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A woman from Papua is again viral and becomes a conversation in cyberspace. The combination of pure white skin, plus blue eyes, and blonde hair makes many people call this girl “Papuan Caucasians.” Because of his different appearance, many do not believe that he is a Papuan native.

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The woman’s name is Herolena Beroperay. A sweet lady from Serui who is going viral in cyberspace. Not only beautiful, the woman who is often called Lena also has a myriad of achievements in her homeland. In addition, Lena also invites albinism to be more daring to show off.

Herolena Beroperay confirms that she is the original daughter of Serui, Papua. Currently he lives in the Pertamina Complex, Yapen Islands Regency.

Herolena is proud to be a Papuan woman. [sumber gambar]

Beautiful like Barbie, the woman who is familiarly called Lena admits that she doesn’t have half-blood. His father is from the Poombawo Tribe while his mother is from the 3W Tribe.

Without the polish, Lena’s hair had been blonde since birth. [sumber gambar]

Lena revealed that the white skin and blonde hair were because she was an albino. Although her physical character is different from most Papuans, Lena is still confident in showing her “authenticity”.

Lena is not afraid to admit that she is an albino. [sumber gambar]

Currently, Lena’s daily activity is being a student at a Papuan university. Apart from that, he also uses his spare time for business on line.

Looks beautiful in a red jacket. [sumber gambar]

Realizing that she has potential in her beauty, Lena often participates in modeling competitions. The result, a myriad of flashy achievements disabetnya.

Beautiful and accomplished. [sumber gambar]

Lena has been the champion of Modeling Search at the Regency to Province level, Talented Princess of Yapen Islands Regency 2018, to represent Serui for auditions in 2018. Lena was also lined up as a Tourism Ambassador for her region.

Lena was lined up to become a Tourism Ambassador. [sumber gambar]

Lena also invites albinos to believe in themselves more. According to him, physical condition is not an obstacle to achieving goals.

Lena invites people with albinism to appear confident.[sumber gambar]

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Lena also believes that humans were created by God with a purpose and purpose. Not only with disadvantages, everyone must have advantages. It reminds him to always be grateful for what he already has. Also, don’t be shy about showing your best.

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