118 Tons of Iron for the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed ​​Rail Project Stolen, Loss of IDR 1 Billion to Insiders Allegations – Boombastis

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Cases of theft of public facilities have occurred again in Indonesia. This time, a number of people were found to have stolen the iron used in the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project.

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This theft is detrimental to the government, because the project has not been completed. The public was also not immediately able to use the fast train due to irresponsible thieves. Here’s more information.

Hundreds of tons of iron stolen by thieves

The police revealed that 118 tons of iron were stolen from the construction project of the Indonesia China Fast Train (KCIC). There were various types of iron from PT Wijaya Karya’s castings that the thieves had sold.

KCIC iron theft [sumber gambar]

As a result of the theft, the state suffered losses of more than Rp. 1 billion. Currently the police have arrested five thieves with the initials DR, LR, AR, SU, and SA. However, there are still seven other thieves namely HA, DR, RM, IB, G, FR and GN who are included in the wanted list (DPO).

Police suspect insider involvement

Apparently the theft case has been going on for six months. Even the police suspect the involvement of insiders. The reason, the thieves can move freely until they managed to take hundreds of tons of iron. It is known that the perpetrators were able to enter the project area after breaking into the guardrail and their action was carried out in the early hours of the morning.

Police hold press conference for iron theft case [sumber gambar]

East Jakarta Police Chief Kombes Erwin Kurniawan said his party would develop this case further and investigate who was involved in the iron theft case.

KCIC’s fate after the theft

KCIC iron theft [sumber gambar]

KCIC Corporate Secretary Mirza Soraya explained that the KCIC project remains safe even though theft has occurred. This is because the stolen iron is not part of KCIC’s main construction. These irons are temporary support.

KCIC increases security and security

Not wanting to repeat the theft, KCIC immediately increased security at all project sites by working closely with the police and the surrounding community. KCIC also raised the guardrail to prevent thieves from breaking in in the early hours of the morning.

KCIC iron theft [sumber gambar]

Guard posts and CCTV are placed in vulnerable locations. A number of people were hired to carry out inspection and supervision of all the project materials. With tighter security, it is hoped that no theft or similar crimes will occur again.

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Previously, this case could be revealed after their theft was discovered by local residents. At that time, the thieves managed to escape and left their stolen goods in the car. The suspects face a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

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