8 beautiful and beautiful waterfalls in Bogor that make you feel at home for long swimming here

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Cilember Waterfall

There are so many waterfalls in Bogor, from small to medium-sized ones. You can also visit it while enjoying trekking in the middle of nature, because most of it is still hidden with difficult access.

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Pic : DolanIndonesia

And if you want to visit various waterfalls or waterfalls in Bogor, you don’t need to be afraid of getting lost because now there are more and more tour packages to waterfalls in Bogor that make it easier for you to visit these natural tourist attractions.

Not only are there guides, permits (if needed) are also generally taken care of, so you just have to walk.

1. Curug Cilember

Curug Cilember is arguably one of the waterfalls in Bogor which is suitable even for families to visit because it has been developed well, with a variety of existing tourist facilities. You can even ride a challenging zipline bike or learn to shoot here, you know.

Pic : IDNtimes

For Curug Cilember itself has a fairly large height compared to waterfalls in Bogor which are usually relatively moderate, as well as beautiful natural scenery! The natural scenery is even cooler if you arrive at the time of the big water discharge, because the natural scenery of the waterfall here is more beautiful.

Oh yes, not only the main waterfall, there are 7 other waterfalls, you know, which are located in the tourist zone of Curug Cilember. So you can see more than one waterfall in one trip at once.

2. Curug Leuwi Hejo

Image:@jejak_penjelajah on Instagram

Curug Leuwi Hejo is one of the most famous waterfalls in Bogor. Having a fairly swift flow of water with a turquoise patterned pool, this waterfall is indeed beautiful even though its size is not so big.

No wonder this waterfall is famous among tourists! The location is not far from other natural tourist zones near Mount Pancar, Sentul, so you can visit several spots at once here.

3. Cibaliung waterfall

Image:@amrzerlett( Right) on Instagram

Well, Curug Cibaliung is also not far from Curug Leuwi Hejo, moreover, it can be said that the shape is quite similar! Has a pool with turquoise water that is charming, and refreshing to be used as a place to swim. The surrounding rock cliffs also have charming sculptures, providing a great backdrop for photography.

4. Curug Ciburial

Image:@ipulsoedibjoe on Instagram

Curug Ciburial is also located in an area not far from Curug Leuwi Hejo and Curug Cibaliung – you could say, just a different turn, even. When viewed from Google Maps, moreover, it can be seen that all three also come from the same river.

Pic : Pagguci

What is unique is that this Ciburial waterfall has 2 streams that are only a few meters apart, with one appearing like a slide with a larger current, while the other has a smaller current. But if you’re careful, you can take pictures from 2 different angles here, so it’s like going to 2 different places!

5. Hordeng Waterfall and Twin Waterfalls

Image: Nadhofa Walannae on Unsplash

Klook put these two waterfalls in one point because indeed the locations are very close to each other. Both can also be visited at the same time with Curug Ciburial, because the entrance is the same.

As the name implies, Curug Kembar has 2 different streams that are equally swift, providing a natural panorama of 2 different waterfalls. While Curug Hordeng has a wider flow, so that when it is heavy, it looks like a curtain or curtain.

6. Curug Bidadari

Image: Ng Kok Kit on Shutterstock

Curug Bidadari is one of the very large waterfalls in the Bogor area, with a heavy flow of water for it to provide an extraordinary natural panorama of the waterfall. This waterfall is also quite famous because the area near the waterfall has been developed so that it becomes a family-friendly tourist area.

7. Jackfruit waterfall

Image: Marcelfre on Shutterstock

Unlike most of the other waterfalls in this record, which are located in the Sentul zone or east of Bogor City, Nangka Waterfall is located in Sukajadi, Tamansari, Bogor, or in the southwest of Bogor City. The flow of water comes from Mount Salak which is not far from there, and the shape of the waterfall is also very large with a fairly heavy flow of water.

Pic : Javarha

Because it is located at the foot of the mountain, near Curug Nangka there are still many wild animals such as monkeys. Even so, this natural tourist zone has been quite expanded with many facilities, so that tourists can always feel comfortable.

Be sure to visit Curug Daun and Curug Kawung, 2 smaller waterfalls not far from Curug Jackfruit.

8. Prince’s Waterfall

Image: Aji Wijaya on Shutterstock

A kind of Jackfruit waterfall, Prince Curug is also located at the foot of Mount Salak. Although not as high as Curug Nangka, Curug Pangeran has a fairly heavy water discharge and the water here is very cold! Brrr, it’s really fun to swim.

Pic : OftenJalan

The Prince Curug tourist area has also been quite well developed, so you will be able to easily create one. The location is also not very far from the entrance ticket zone, only close to 300 m.

Article: Klook-Rezky Agustyananto

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