During the Pandemic, Create New Routines so Children Are Not Bored and Sad

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Selama Pandemi, Buat Rutinitas Baru agar Anak Tidak Bosan dan Sedih

The pandemic certainly has an impact on everyone, including children. Not only Mums and Dads are depressed, your little one can feel sad and bored because they have to be at home all the time. Therefore, Mums need to pay attention and meet their needs so that they can feel safe and at ease during the pandemic.

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Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo, S.Psi., Psychologist., when met on the talk show The Important Role of Families Accompanying Children and Presenting a Day of Love in the Pandemic Period with Cussons some time ago, said that what parents need to do is always accompany their children in every situation. emotional journey.

“We can’t make children live in a safe and happy bubble forever. Because in this life, our child will definitely find something that makes him sad, bored, and disappointed, “said Vera.

Like adults, children sometimes just need to express their feelings. So, try to ask your little one how he feels, then listen, understand, and appreciate the story, without always having to provide a solution. When your little one has calmed down and is calm, then you can invite him to do something together to reduce his boredom and sadness.

Create a New Routine While at Home

One way to make children feel calm, said Vera, is to have a routine. The rules or schedules that are set every day of course need to be made according to the current pandemic situation.

Agree with Vera, celebrity Mona Ratuliu also implements a new routine at home for her family. “At the beginning of the pandemic, we were always at home, our routine was really a mess. Waking up happy, sleeping too late. Moreover, we live in an apartment. Until one day I felt like our lives are not directed like that. Finally, we create a new routine,” explained Mona.

Mona and her family also discussed together to make a deal. They reset their sleeping and waking hours to live more consistently. Then, the use of gadgets is also limited. There is time break or rest at certain times. At 8 pm, the children were asked not to play gadgets anymore. For mealtimes, which used to be as hungry or as he could remember, now they were scheduled to eat together.

Mums can apply the same thing at home. Involve your little one in making a daily schedule, so that his willingness to obey it becomes greater. “The key is discussion, negotiation, and once agreed, there is a commitment,” said Vera.

Use of Gadgets While at Home

One of the problems that parents often complain about is related to the use of gadgets in children during the pandemic. Many parents are stuck giving their children the flexibility to play gadgets more often so they don’t get bored. However, there is a special fear that children will become addicted and cannot be separated from gadgets.

In the talk show which is also the official launch moment for the Cussons Bintang Kecil 2021 activities, Vera emphasized that the key is a matter of schedule. If parents do not want their children to continue to be tied to gadgets, it is necessary to regulate when children can use gadgets, how long they are used in a day, and what is the purpose of children using gadgets.

“We also have to select the content that children consume through what gadgets. Those four things are the least regulated. If the schedule is always the same every day, the children will eventually learn to follow it,” added Vera.

Mona herself enforces rules at any time break their children play gadgets. They are also only allowed to play gadgets if they have completed their tasks and responsibilities, such as eating, cleaning, bathing, and praying. They are also asked to exercise first if they want to play gadgets.

Instead of nagging or forbidding children to play with gadgets, Mona also suggested that we as parents enter the world of children. Ask your child what he likes and what he is watching or playing on his gadget. That way, parents will establish good communication with their children.

Mums can actually use gadgets as a means for bonding with children. For example, Mums and your little one can search for DIY videos or recipes for your little one’s favorite food, then invite them to do activities together. So, gadgets can be a medium to find ideas for fun activities that can be done together.

“Don’t let children hold gadgets, their parents also hold gadgets. Finally fun alone. One gadget enjoyed together. So, there is still interaction,” concluded Vera. (US)


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